PWA Milan is the lead partner manager of the overall project.

The additional partners were selected to achieve four different and complementary goals:
• PWI was selected based on the similarity to PWA Milan in terms of commitment and activities developed on mentoring and women on boards. Such similarity will allow a more effective and valuable contribution to the development of the toolkit.
• PWN Global was selected thanks to its capability to quickly reach and engage 24 City Networks and to the knowledge and experience developed on mentoring and women on boards. The dissemination and awareness phase will be more effective and synergies at EU level will be relevant.

Both partners have been selected due to our long lasting and pragmatic collaboration on various topics, including mentoring and women on boards. Various initiatives and projects have been created, developed and implemented in collaboration by the three associations – this guarantees the capability to deliver high quality programs in an effective manner.

The three partners guarantee immediate access to resources (in terms of knowledge, professionals, connections) at EU level, if necessary, mitigating all the potentially emerging risks.
Based on the above described reasons, the selected team is the best to attain the objectives of the project.

The commonality of overall goals and mission, the shared values and methodological approach and the strong experience represent the core value of the partnership. Its key strengths are represented by the possibility to build upon existing knowledge (cost effectiveness), the habit to work together effectively (cost effectiveness) and the EU coverage in terms of dissemination and awareness guaranteed by PWN Global. Its potential weakness is represented by the focus of the project team within PWN Global, however our long lasting relationships with other women’s networks will allow us to overcome it.

Core project team:
• Monica Pesce (PWA Milan), Project Manager, Main referent Workstream 1
• Gini Dupasquier (PWA Milan), Project Manager, Main referent Workstream 2 and 3
• Roberta Toniolo (PWA Milan), Women on Board expert
• Hooda Soodi (PWA Milan), Executive coach and facilitator
• Raffaella Monzani (PWA Milan), Financial Manager
• Silvia Rigamonti (PWA Milan), Mentoring Expert
• Livia Amidani Aliberti (PWA Milan), Corporate Governance and Women on Board expert
• Sonya Richardson (PWN Global), Leadership expert
• Armelle Loghmanian (PWI Brussels), Deputy Project Manager
• Melanie Barker (PWI Brussels), Mentoring expert
• Claire Mahon (PWI Brussels), Consultant

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