We, at PWA Milan, have been working hard in the past months to roll out all the activities related to the EU Commission co-funded project ME-TOTEM.

Workstream 2 and Workstream 3 are now completed!

In WS2 we worked with companies and helped them develop their own diversity strategy, by involving their women in a cross-company, cross-country, women-to-women mentoring program. The difference in nationalities and professional background added a lot of value to the program, in the experience of participants:

“I enjoyed the exchange with my mentor especially because she helped me identify some self-imposed barriers that depended from the social and national background I live in” ME-TOTEM Mentee

In WS2 we also worked with HR personnel, as we strongly believe that a diversity & inclusion culture depends very much on the policies and procedures that each Company have in place – which needs to be “gender neutral”.

HR participants went through a self-assessment of current HR policies by responding to a questionnaire and subsequently they participated to a workshop where we facilitated the discussion and best practices exchange. At the end of the day, we developed a series of KPIs to implement and monitor each company’s journey toward gender balance.

In WS3 we worked with MBA students of 3 business schools: we selected 25 high potential young women and involved them in a group mentoring program with senior mentors from various sectors. Participants appreciated the group interaction and the cross-business school networking opportunities.

We are now ready to start the dissemination phase with a first event in Milan, next March 16th   “The strategic relevance of mentoring for professional development”, we will hear the first hand experience of ME-TOTEM testimonials and discuss about mentoring process and benefits.

All professional women and guests are invited, please register your participation here

Other events will follow, in the next months, in 8 European countries.




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