Workstream 4 – Awareness and Disseminationcreates the method to communicate the results obtained by ME-TOTEM via digital presence (website, social media and other online channels) and physical events. Sharing the case studies and best practices along with the toolkits constructed in the other workstreams will allow other organizations to duplicate the successes while steering clear of the obstacles. The website (ME-TOTEM.EU) will host descriptions and updates of ongoing programs and activities that will be shared via social media as well. Live conferences will be held in 8 European cities (Milan, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris and Warsaw) to share experiences and disseminate the toolkits compiled.

The steps in this workstream are as follows:

Project website and social media channels. Based on initial input of the project management team,
a website will be created with the objectives of describing the programs, communicating updates and promoting events. Additional outreach will occur via social media channels. Deliverables including toolkits, brochures and program materials will be available online.

Event program definition. For each event, date, venue and shortlist of speaker possibilities will be determined along with the key messages to convey.

Event promotion. In addition to contacts obtained via the website, local City Networks of PWN Global will be relevant sources, as will be PWN Global on the federation level. Event announcement material and press engagement and promotion strategy will be created as a template for eventual tailoring for each event location.

Event management. Catering, registration organization and venue arrangements will be overseen by a member of the management team including recruiting local City Network assistance.

Participant satisfaction survey and event summary. Post-event follow-up will include administering a survey soliciting feedback and compilation of event summary report to be made available online.

Read about our methodology here.

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