Workstream 3 – Ready-for-Board Women Pipeline Mentoring Program creates a ready-for-board women pipeline mentoring program focusing on cultivating high-potential women currently undertaking their MBA education. The program will create mentoring groups comprised of a single senior-level mentor with a group of 4 – 5 mentees to focus on a single agreed-upon topic, provide training and monitoring of the relationships and create a toolkit of the procedures and processes. The program will offer also two webinar discussions with very senior “super mentors” with the aim of presenting students with female role models.

The final end objective is the creation and dissemination of a toolkit for future duplication of the program by independent organizations across Europe and beyond. The aim is to populate levels leading to both future board seat vacancies as well as high-level positions of decision-making within companies with qualified women.

The steps in this workstream are as follows:

Program definition.
This first phase focuses on the definition and detailed planning of the program. The program expects to involve a total of 20-30 female MBA students from three top Business Schools in Italy, Belgium and France and 4 – 5 mentors. Criteria for participation will be established for selecting both mentors and mentees and selection criteria will be defined. Application forms will be created, structure of meetings will be outlined and program brochure will be prepared.

Identification of potential mentors (women currently holding senior management positions). Drawing on the candidates and participants of the other two mentoring programs (described in Workstreams 1 & 2), a list of potential mentors will be identified. They will be contacted individually and requested to complete the mentor application form to determine relevant areas of expertise and experience that they are willing to share. Priority will be given to those who credit their own successes in part to having had mentors and are therefore motivated to give back.

Identification of potential mentees (high-potential female MBA students).
Top tier Business School in Italy, Belgium and France will be identified to participate as partner in the project. Business Schools will identify up to 10 female participants among their most talenetd MBA students. They will be contacted individually and requested to complete the mentee application form to determine qualifications, commitment and motivation to maximize benefit from program participation.

Matchmaking between potential mentors and mentees. Based on information from the applications collected during the mentor and mentee identification process and the criteria defined in the program definition, groupings of compatible participants will be created.

Preparation of support material. In parallel with the previously described activities, the support material –mentee training toolkit, draft mentoring program calendar, goal setting and follow up toolkit – will be produced.

Mentee training webinar & kickoff. The web-based workshop will allow fellow mentees to meet each other, provide an overview of roles and responsibilities of mentees and clarify expectations of “dos and don’ts” of mentoring relationship. The kickoff will be the occasion for ice-breaking with own mentor.

Relationship progress monitoring. The entire program is expected to be comprised of 4-6 meetings over a 6 month timespan. The relationship progress will be monitored periodically via email by project team. An online survey satisfaction will be administered at the end of the program to all participants. A closing workshop will be held with all participants to compare progress on individual goals and to create an additional networking opportunity.

Toolkit finalization. Based on the material produced and the process followed along with the feedback collected during the progress monitoring, follow-up meetings and closing workshop, the team will finalize the Pipeline Mentoring Program Toolkit which will be disseminated in Workstream 4.


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