Workstream 2 – Cross-European Executive Mentoring & Diversity Awareness creates both a women to women mentoring program and a diversity management toolkit as complementary objectives. The mentoring program is cross-company and cross-country and will draw together women to work on self-development at all levels through relationships with women role models. Program definition will be based on the ongoing successful PWA Milan Mentoring Program and will pair compatible mentors and mentees after an application process, provide training and monitoring of the relationships and create a toolkit of the procedures and processes. The diversity awareness project will involve partner companies and will focus on self-assessment of bias and implementing policies and procedures to assure future gender balance. A diversity management toolkit will also be finalized.

The steps in this workstream are as follows:

Women to women mentoring program launch. Mentoring program will be presented to partner companies through individual meetings or calls. Expected benefits, outcomes and operative process will be explained. Each participating company will present up to 8 executives divided equally into mentor and mentee roles. Total participants in the program will be around 40 women executives.

Mentor & mentee selection and matching. Mentors and mentees, identified by companies, will be asked to complete an on line application form in order to submit relevant expertise, motivation and objectives toward the participation in the mentoring program. Based on information provided through their application forms, couples will be matched.

Mentors workshops: “how to be a good mentor.” This web-based workshop dedicated to mentors will clarify what is expected from a mentor and what is not, as well as helping them to become more confident in the role.

Mentees workshops: “how to get the most out of your mentoring relationship.” This web-based workshop dedicated to the mentees will focus on setting correct expectations and managing the mentoring process. A mentee toolkit will be provided to each participant.

Relationship kick off. Project team will facilitate the kickoff meeting for each couple helping in the ice-breaking. During the kickoff couples will start detailing the development objectives of their relationship and the mentor-mentee handbooks will be distributed.

Relationship progress monitoring. The mentoring relationship will have a duration of six months. After approximately three months, participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire regarding progress of the relationship and to cite any obstacles they have encountered. A closing workshop will be held with all participants to compare progress on individual goals and to create an additional networking opportunity. A final online survey satisfaction will be administered at the end of the program to all participants.

Mentoring program toolkit finalization. Based on the material produced and the process followed along with the feedback collected during the progress monitoring, follow-up meetings and closing workshop, the team will finalize the Cross-European Executive Mentoring Program Toolkit which will be disseminated in Workstream 4.

Diversity management call to action & cross-European team definition. A call to action will be launched in partner companies in order to identify members of the pilot team (1-2 individuals from each corporation, 2-3 individuals from the PWN Global team).

Assessment of companies for degree of gender neutrality. Pilot team will complete an assessment of companies’ HR policies and company organization chart in order to identify potential bias, especially in hiring and promotion processes.

Gender diversity & inclusion indicators definition. A set of procedures and key indicators will be defined to help organizations in monitoring their progress toward gender balance and to prevent potential unconscious bias.

Diversity management toolkit finalization. The final Diversity Management Toolkit will be completed and presented in order to involve a wider number of organizations in the process of monitoring their journey toward gender balance. It will be disseminated in Workstream 4.


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