workstream 1Workstream 1: C-Suite Women Development Tool– Core objective is to provide recommendations that support the process of engaging top men & women around the need to increase the percentage of women in c-suite & senior executive positions:

  • Create a toolkit that supports the process for increasing the percentage of women in c-suite and senior executive positions within organizations.
  • Expand the pipe line for board positions.
  • Highlight best practices that support men and women in order to foster professional relationships, real engagement and collaborative decision-making.
  • Mobilize senior executives around the need to support women’s career paths.

Our primary beneficiaries: Current senior management, aspiring c-suite executives, and aspiring board members.

The final end objective is the creation and dissemination of this Board Mentoring and Sponsoring Toolkit for future duplication of the program by independent organizations across Europe and beyond.

The steps in this workstream are as follows:

Key issues and obstacles identification 
– this first phase focuses on the identification of the key issues for senior women in todays environment and best practices to overcome these obstacles. We will achieve this through a roundtable with 6 men and women in senior executive positions, a representative from an executive search firm, HR director, Moderator, & PWA representative

Workshops – findings from the roundtable will be discussed during two workshops (Milan and Munich) in order to add details and first hand experience by a group of 5 men and 5 women. Output of the workshops will be the preparation of key recommendations.

Results consolidation and validation – Findings and recommendations prepared during the workshops will be ultimately validated by the roundtable board.

Toolkit finalization. Based on the material produced and the process followed along with the feedback collected during the program, a C-Suite Women Development Toolkit will be finalized. The Toolkit will be disseminated under Workstream 4 – presentation of the project results and Toolkit will be made at physical events in Europe (Milan, Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, London, Frankfurt, Madrid and Warsaw are event locations).

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