work-planWorkstream 1 – C-Suite Women Development Tool – core objective is to provide recommendations that support the process of engaging top men & women around the need to increase the percentage of women in c-suite & senior executive positions: create a toolkit that supports the process for increasing the percentage of women in c-suite and senior executive positions within organizations; expand the pipe line for board positions; highlight best practices that support men and women in order to foster professional relationships, real engagement and collaborative decision-making; mobilize senior executives around the need to support women’s career paths.

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Workstream 2 – Cross-European Executive Mentoring & Diversity Awareness – creates both a women to women mentoring program and a diversity management toolkit as complementary objectives. The mentoring program is cross-company and cross-country and will draw together women to work on self-development at all levels through relationships with women role models. Program definition will be based on the ongoing successful PWA Milan Mentoring Program and will pair compatible mentors and mentees after an application process, provide training and monitoring of the relationships and create a toolkit of the procedures and processes. The diversity awareness project will involve pilot companies and will focus on self-assessment of bias and implementing policies and procedures to assure future gender balance. A diversity management toolkit will also be finalized. Read more

Workstream 3 – Ready-for-Board Women Pipeline Mentoring Program – creates a ready-for-board women pipeline mentoring program focusing on cultivating high-potential women currently undertaking their MBA education. The program will create mentoring groups comprised of a single senior-level mentor in with a group of 4 – 5 mentees to focus on a single agreed-upon topic, provide training and monitoring of the relationships and create a toolkit of the procedures and processes. The final end objective is the creation and dissemination of a toolkit for future duplication of the program by independent organizations across Europe and beyond. The aim is to populate levels leading to both future board seat vacancies as well as high-level positions of decision-making within companies with qualified women. Read more

Workstream 4 – Awareness and Dissemination – creates the method to communicate the results obtained by ME-TOTEM via digital presence (website, social media and other online channels) and physical events. Sharing the case studies and best practices along with the toolkits constructed in the other workstreams will allow other organizations to duplicate the successes while steering clear of the obstacles. The website (ME-TOTEM.EU) will host descriptions and updates of ongoing programs and activities that will be shared via social media as well. Live conferences will be held in 6 European cities (Milan, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris and Warsaw) to share experiences and disseminate the toolkits compiled. Read more

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