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The ME-TOTEM project’s intent is to activate a virtuous circle that will contribute to increased awareness on the importance of a diverse contribution to leadership and power positions, concretely impacting the context and numbers.

The expected results of the project are to:

    • Make current board members aware that there are many experienced and qualified women who could contribute to boards of directors
      • Shareholders benefit from a more diverse board, which is more effective and innovative and contributes to better governance (hence generating benefits for the economy overall)
      • High potential women benefit from interacting with more senior professionals (men and women) and from sponsors promoting them as potential candidates to board positions
      • Society benefits from the increased number of women in board positions


    • Contribute to the improvement of evaluation and promotion procedures within companies, reducing discrimination and stereotypes and bringing more women to executive positions
      • Top executives and HR managers improve their support to the promotion of talented women to top positions increasing the overall quality of management and leadership
      • High potential women are supported in their career path to executive positions and in critical moments thanks to role models – women like them who made it to the top
      • Employees in general as a more diverse organizational culture positively impact the overall managerial culture, increasing overall awareness of the importance of work-life balance and talent management


    • Foster an “ambition is not bad” culture among junior women, preparing them for the challenges they will face in their career path
      • Companies have the possibility to recruit from a more aware and skilled talent pool
      • Junior women professionals learn directly from role models how to overcome difficulties and build their career path to reach top positions
      • Society benefits from the higher number of women who stay in the workforce in the long term


  • Contribute to the creation of a collaboration between junior professionals and middle management / top executives
    • Senior professionals enrich their professional experience by contributing to the successful growth of more junior professionals (our mentoring programs tell us that mentors tend to confirm their commitment over the years)
    • Middle management and junior professionals find external qualified support in critical moments of their career path and sponsors contributing to their professional growth
    • Companies benefit from a culture oriented more toward talent and merit

    Read about our work plan here.

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