Our approach is built around the concept that not only does mentoring play a critical role in the progression of women professionals in all sectors, it also launches a virtuous circle engaging top executives,  board members and junior professionals.  Our approach aims to guarantee a cross-generation, cross-country and cross-profession cooperation that will enrich professionals, organizations and the economy contributing to an increased number of women in decision-making positions both as executives and non-executives in the short (WS 1), medium (WS 2) and long (WS 3) term.

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Lack of mentoring, exclusion from networks, and absence of women role models are continually cited as key barriers to career advancement for women.
ME-TOTEM will develop three parallel and interconnected Mentoring Toolkits based on the core concept that top level mentees involved in WS 1 and WS 2 will be engaged as mentors under WS 3.

As our final goal is to have an impact not only in the short term, but also looking at future generations, our integrated approach – that involves also high potential juniors and engages more senior professionals making them aware of their responsibilities as role models and mentors – is the best to attain the project objectives and proposed results.

With specific reference to Mentoring our methodology, based on solid expertise in launching similar programs, is based on 3 ground rules, that are proved to be key for the success of a program:

1. Provide knowledge, skills & support necessary for participants to maximize benefits of the mentoring program. The objective of the training sessions to mentors and mentees is building a common understanding of the ground rules.

2. Create expectations and a shared vision of the mentoring relationship. The objective of the kickoff meeting is setting clear, achievable, measurable development goals.

3. Ensure that expectations are realistic and agreed within the couple. The objective of the follow up sessions is to anticipate potential problems and maximize the benefit of the relationship.


To guarantee a high impact on executives, our toolkit under WS 2 is enriched through the inclusion of diversity awareness toolkit. Building a diversity and inclusion culture in the workplace is key to reach and maintain gender balance in the long term.

Our methodology is split in two phases that are key to define and implement a diversity management strategy in an effective way.
• First phase is the assessment of the status of the company in terms of gender diversity (Gender Check up).
• Second phase is the realignment of company procedures with a gender neutral view and the definition of gender indicators in order to monitor the progress of the company toward gender balance (Gender Diversity tool).

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The ME-TOTEM project is structured around 4 workstreams:
• 3 parallel WS focused on the creation, development and implementation of target specific mentoring toolkits, all interconnected and integrated and developed based on mutual learning and exchange of best practices
• 1 workstream devoted to the awareness creation and to the dissemination of the integrated but modular toolkit through digital tools and events

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The ME-TOTEM project structure represents a cost effective solution as the possibility to develop 3 mentoring programs in parallel targeting different interest groups allows us to exploit synergies in terms of methodology, specific tools used (training material, participants’ satisfaction surveys, etc) supported by exchange of best practices and mutual learning.

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