MEntoring as a TOol Towards EMpowerment

A European Commission Directorate-General Justice project


Project Overview

When the discussion of equality of women’s positions and power in the workplace comes up, the typical focus is on the number and percentage of board-level positions held by women.

Now that a few years have passed since various quota legislation has been put in place around Europe, however, we have identified some issues that may limit the expected impact and effectiveness:

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The results of the ME-TOTEM project will contribute to the improvement of gender balance in economic decision-making positions at all levels of the hierarchy. They represent concrete actions that aim to positively influence the number of women in decision making in the short, medium and long term by impacting behaviours as well as culture.

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Work Plan

Workstream 1 – C-Suite Women Development Tool

Workstream 2 – Cross-European Executive Mentoring & Diversity Awareness

Workstream 3 – Ready-for-Board Women Pipeline Mentoring Program

Workstream 4 – Awareness and Dissemination

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Our approach is built around the concept that not only does mentoring play a critical role in the progression of women professionals in all sectors, it also launches a virtuous circle engaging top executives,  board members and junior professionals.

It aims to guarantee a cross-country and cross-profession cooperation that will enrich professionals, organizations and the economy contributing to an increased number of women in decision-making positions in the short, medium  and long term.

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Who we are

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